Value of Don Marco's Art December 15, 2013 17:42

How can I know how much my painting is worth?

What ever price you can get for it! We are not a gallery or a reseller.

I've got a double Eagle print...

This is easily the most asked question we get!

I was commissioned to do the set of five eagles and was paid a small fee for each print that was printed. These were then sold and I was not privy to any details of the sale.

A company called Cross Country Marketing published a set of 5 prints between 1990 and 1991. These were later distributed by Fingerhut of Minneapolis.

The framing package (including the gold foil coins) were done by Cross Country Marketing and not Don Marco. Therefore, the replica gold coins were done by them and we are not privy to their value. Being gold foil replicas - they should be less than $10.

Beyond this, I have no idea of their value at this time. I retained ownership of the originals and with the sale of these to a private collector, I realized a decent return.