Inspirations December 15, 2013 17:38

Do you work from photos and other still shots? Do you do some freeform just from your inner vision, or with a live subject?

Mostly photographs - usually from the very early 1900's.

What is the story behind the picture 'In the Shadow of the Tetons'

This is from a birthday card (actually two) that I got one birthday. Where the horses are - it actually said (in a black box). "Happy Birthday"

Where did the inspiration for Katie's Garden come from?

Katie is a little girl (was) - 3 years old and her mother took a photo of her picking some flowers. The photo won her mom a prize for the best kid pic.

I asked Katie's mom if I could use the photo and change some things about it. She said sure and I put her in a field with daisy's.

Katie is probably close to 20 years old by now (2007)

Who inspired you into art?

I inspired myself without a mentor. The whole thing was a hobby that evolved into a big business.