How to obtain Don Marco's Artwork December 15, 2013 17:32

How do I get X's portrait?

Someone living, pictured on the site is not for sale due to copyright issues.

I am having trouble purchasing some art on the site. Is it for sale?

The only pictures that are for sale are under either the "Available for Sale" option or "Originals for Sale". While looking through the gallery, you may see lots of artwork that is not for sale. If you have any issues, please send me an email.

I like 'High Country Morning'. Is it for sale?

Due to a resemblance to a real figure, it is currently not for sale. But, we are checking with a lawyer to see if we can sell it. Please check back - it may be for sale.

I would like to use Don's work for X. Can I?

I guess the best rule to follow is: If no one is getting paid - go for it. If someone is making money from the picture, please let us know. We primarily approve of this for the enjoyment of children.

Where can I buy this other than online?

You can visit my gallery in Red Wing MN. Please send me and email and we can set up a time for your visit.