History of Don Marco December 15, 2013 17:25

Did you always work with crayons, or did you start with something else first?

I've used crayon, oil, and pencil.

Has Crayola seen and/or commented on your work? Have they ever asked you to do any sort of promotional work for them? If so, did you? Or would you, if they asked?

I was in contact with Crayola in 1983. They had a certain amount of interest in what I was doing, but it just didn't go anywhere. I haven't had any contact since. But I'm sure they gotta know about me. But, they aren't talkin'

How long have you been doing this?

For 34-35 years. Almost all of it during retirement.

How/Why did you get into this industry?

While working as an Air Traffic Controller, I was asked to provide a deterrent caused by the blue lighting of the airport radar facility. In creating pictures that would fluoresce by this blue lighting, I used florescent paint. A paint that would depict blue water was not available. I found a blue color crayon against the black background would work.

It did what I wanted it to do and that gave me the idea, "Was it possible to do fine art with ordinary crayons"

I tried doing some sketches with crayon and immediately realized this was going to take a lot of time and effort. If I succeeded, you be the judge ...