Value of Don Marco's Art December 15, 2013 17:42

How can I know how much my painting is worth?

What ever price you can get for it! We are not a gallery or a reseller.

I've got a double Eagle print...

This is easily the most asked question we get!

I was commissioned to do the set of five eagles and was paid a small fee for each print that was printed. These were then sold and I was not privy to any details of the sale.

A company called Cross Country Marketing published a set of 5 prints between 1990 and 1991. These were later distributed by Fingerhut of Minneapolis.

The framing package (including the gold foil coins) were done by Cross Country Marketing and not Don Marco. Therefore, the replica gold coins were done by them and we are not privy to their value. Being gold foil replicas - they should be less than $10.

Beyond this, I have no idea of their value at this time. I retained ownership of the originals and with the sale of these to a private collector, I realized a decent return.

Inspirations December 15, 2013 17:38

Do you work from photos and other still shots? Do you do some freeform just from your inner vision, or with a live subject?

Mostly photographs - usually from the very early 1900's.

What is the story behind the picture 'In the Shadow of the Tetons'

This is from a birthday card (actually two) that I got one birthday. Where the horses are - it actually said (in a black box). "Happy Birthday"

Where did the inspiration for Katie's Garden come from?

Katie is a little girl (was) - 3 years old and her mother took a photo of her picking some flowers. The photo won her mom a prize for the best kid pic.

I asked Katie's mom if I could use the photo and change some things about it. She said sure and I put her in a field with daisy's.

Katie is probably close to 20 years old by now (2007)

Who inspired you into art?

I inspired myself without a mentor. The whole thing was a hobby that evolved into a big business.

How to obtain Don Marco's Artwork December 15, 2013 17:32

How do I get X's portrait?

Someone living, pictured on the site is not for sale due to copyright issues.

I am having trouble purchasing some art on the site. Is it for sale?

The only pictures that are for sale are under either the "Available for Sale" option or "Originals for Sale". While looking through the gallery, you may see lots of artwork that is not for sale. If you have any issues, please send me an email.

I like 'High Country Morning'. Is it for sale?

Due to a resemblance to a real figure, it is currently not for sale. But, we are checking with a lawyer to see if we can sell it. Please check back - it may be for sale.

I would like to use Don's work for X. Can I?

I guess the best rule to follow is: If no one is getting paid - go for it. If someone is making money from the picture, please let us know. We primarily approve of this for the enjoyment of children.

Where can I buy this other than online?

You can visit my gallery in Red Wing MN. Please send me and email and we can set up a time for your visit.

History of Don Marco December 15, 2013 17:25

Did you always work with crayons, or did you start with something else first?

I've used crayon, oil, and pencil.

Has Crayola seen and/or commented on your work? Have they ever asked you to do any sort of promotional work for them? If so, did you? Or would you, if they asked?

I was in contact with Crayola in 1983. They had a certain amount of interest in what I was doing, but it just didn't go anywhere. I haven't had any contact since. But I'm sure they gotta know about me. But, they aren't talkin'

How long have you been doing this?

For 34-35 years. Almost all of it during retirement.

How/Why did you get into this industry?

While working as an Air Traffic Controller, I was asked to provide a deterrent caused by the blue lighting of the airport radar facility. In creating pictures that would fluoresce by this blue lighting, I used florescent paint. A paint that would depict blue water was not available. I found a blue color crayon against the black background would work.

It did what I wanted it to do and that gave me the idea, "Was it possible to do fine art with ordinary crayons"

I tried doing some sketches with crayon and immediately realized this was going to take a lot of time and effort. If I succeeded, you be the judge ...

About the Artwork Itself November 1, 2013 06:44

Are there any unique constraints to working with crayons?

There are certain colors that just don't work well. Experiment with a different base color and use a softer touch. And Practice!

Also, on a warm summer day - crayons get slippery and mushy. That's when I take the day off!

When the wax gets thick - you just have to know what you are doing. You work carefully. It just comes with time while working with the medium.

Three secrets: Practice, Practice, Practice

Crayons can get blunt so quickly, how do maintain a sharp point while working with them?

You can actually maintain a sharp point by using a crayon and roll the crayon as you use it. At some point you will have to resharpen.

Do you have a special area set aside in your home where you do all your work and do you prefer to work under natural lights?

I work at a studio away from my house. The studio is 4000 sq ft. A couple of bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. As far as light goes, I have a great big window on the North side.

Do you sketch your ideas out before hand or is it all done at once with nothing but crayon?

I make a very rough outline with a peach-ish crayon - just the placement of features. When that is completed I start working with the crayons.

How are you able to blend the colors of the crayons so well?

Body heat - finger heat, and knowing what will work and what won't.

How long does it take you to complete one of your images, from start to finish?

Time wise, it is difficult to say. The average size of a piece is 18x24 - it takes about a week to do. But, my workday isn't as long as it used to be!

How well do your images age, how do you protect your crayon art to it last longer. Would direct sunlight MELT your art?

That's a very common question.

The best way to answer it is - do you have curtains or rugs?

After a while, they fade. As with all art, keep it out of direct sunlight. Frame, matte, and glass appropriately.

I like 'End of the Day'. Is it for sale?


What have you done with respect to the some of the colors that Crayola has officially retired, such as the 8 in 1993 and 4 in 2003?

Some of the colors I was able to get along very well without. But there was one in particular I really miss - and that one is "Raw Umber"

The local newspaper did an article on me and the reporter put the "Raw Umber" thing in the article. There were several "Raw Umber" crayons that were left to me at my mailbox at home.

What is your best selling print and what was the inspiration behind it?

Best selling print - Katie's garden. It has the best track record. It's got universal appeal.

What type of paper do you use?

Fadeless tan construction paper. This can be picked up at any art supply store like Michaels

What challenges do you face with your medium?

Perfecting the craft is the only challenge I feel.